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Archive of Featured Authors


Featured Author March 21, 2014

This is an autobiography of Edward C. Engle. It tells the story of his childhood and education and eventual migration to the Navy as a bombardier/navigator in the A-6 Intruder aircraft. He explains the systems, the tactics, and the ordnance used against an implacable enemy over Laos, South Vietnam, North Vietnam, and Cambodia. After he returned, the book continues with his life in further assignments, eventual career change to aeronautical engineering duty officer, his participation in the Cold War and European Theater operations as part of the National Space Program, and the closing assignments of his career working on developing the requirements for the Navys Force Network Concept.


Featured Author March 20, 2014

This Volume is an Introduction to a much larger story. It is a tale of the evolution of a Law Enforcement Officer from one who was there.


Featured Author March 19, 2014


...from the bottom of my City is a collection of short stories that recalls a young mans growth from naīve rookie to seasoned veteran, with a few other recollections thrown in to balance the impression the collection offers. Being a cop unavoidably involves politics which often distracts one from accomplishing his mission. Frustration an Laughter go hand-in-hand in the humid, nitty-gritty streets of the magical City that is New Orleans...


Featured Author March 18, 2014

A collection of Short Stories. A sampling of a young police officers journey through the New Orleans Police Department..


Featured Author March 17, 2014

During the Vietnam War, hundreds of American prisoners-of-war faced years of brutal conditions and horrific torture at the hands of North Vietnamese guards and interrogators who ruthlessly plied them for military intelligence and propaganda. Determined to maintain their Code of Conduct, the POWs developed a powerful underground resistance. To quash it, their captors singled out its eleven leaders, Vietnams own dirty dozen, and banished them to an isolated jail that would become known as Alcatraz. None would leave its solitary cells and interrogation rooms unscathed; one would never return.


Featured Author March 16, 2014

Will was excited to go on his class field trip, until he learned they would be touring the local firehouse. Now, he is dreading the trip. For as long as he can remember, Will has been afraid of fire and, worse than that, firefighters! Though he knows firefighters are heroes who do dangerous work, to him they are giants in heavy coats and masks. As he journeys with his class through the fire station, Will and readers alike are introduced to the exciting world of firefighting. Can Will overcome his fears and maybe even learn something surprising about himself?


Featured Author March 15, 2014

This guide is to instruct teens to defend themselves in dangerous situation. Grand Master Garry Klaus in collaboration with his students selected those techniques important to today's situations. Together they developed the concept, wrote, photographed and edited the text for the self defense techniques presented in this guide. It contains common sense guidelines that include being aware of their surroundings, respecting other people, and "reading" situations. It is designed to aid the novice and serious martial arts student.


Featured Author March 13, 2014

A professional assassin who stalks the Sixth District of New Orleans, known as the original Fort Apache, also as the Animal Kingdom. This area encompasses the Irish Channel of New Orleans. It has the highest crime rate in the city. The news media, city hall and police supervisors want this hit man captured or killed. The citizens want him to finish his work. Why?


Featured Author March 12, 2014

Follow Sergeant Robert Haig, veteran of the Detroit Police Department, on his law enforcement journey. Starting with the civil service test, ride along for almost three decades of patrol in the city that was once labeled as the "Murder Capitol of the World" Experience not only the raw street stories, but also the department and city politics that contributed to the deterioration of a once proud law enforcement team.


Featured Author March 11, 2014

If its Texas, if its Dallas, if its hot, it must be summertime and everyone seems to have caught The Murder Fever 6th book in the exciting series exposing the Black Book Investigations of Michael Grant & Associates. The Murder Fever touches 12 cities in 9 countries. But not much is going on... just a little courtroom drama, deadly political intrigue, judicial malfeasance, kidnapping, torture, jury tampering, falsifying evidence, crooked electioneering, corrupt lawyers, and a despicable rapist turned serial killer who has part-time jobs as a printshop flunky, and contract killer. Therere homicide investigations, foreign intrigue, terrorists receiving hard justice, clandestine missions, black ops, affairs of the heart, wedding bellsand, of course, murder? Oh, and the characters youve come to love: Michael Grant, Tom Darrow, ADA Helen Atkins and Detective Jim Jamison, are in the middle of it all.


Featured Author March 10, 2014

A shooting. A beheading. A terrorist cell leader in Dallas, using stolen information, has a devastating plan to neuter American response while orchestrating the deployment to U.S. cities of something deadly from the Philippines. The terrorists success means millions of Americans die! With the 9-11 anniversary only weeks away Michael recounts watching the survivors of the twin towers terrorist-attack, literally Cry... Walk, Run! from the disaster. Deeply affected Michael says ironically, terrorism happens in New York and cant happen in Dallas, right? Another action-packed thriller! Michael Grant on the heels of the Weatherford shoot-out in "Innocent And Guilty" is on the trail of another killer in "Cry... Walk, Run!". If Michael can solve these murders and make sense of the international intrigue in his own backyard he may be able to prevent an impending cascade of viral destruction around the world! Spoiler Alert: With flu-season upon us... the chilling story of "Cry, Walk, Run!" will put you in a fever! Got your flu shot?


Featured Author March 9, 2014

This true crime story; dont read it in bed! ONE STEP FROM MURDER: THE FRIENDLY BURGLAR-RAPIST, (FBR), a mild-mannered Dallas public relations executive by day, roving rapist by night, moves inexorably toward murder. Free to rape for over three yearswas the FBR that smart, police that inept, or was the public that unconcerned? Revealed in the rapists, victims and cops own words is the, never before divulged, inside story chronicling the 82 offenses attributed to the FBR in the mid 1970s and how my partner and I, two veteran street cops, battled internal police politics while developing predictive crime analysis techniques and doggedly working to engineer the FBRs capture. To women, the story of rape is never old news! ONE STEP FROM MURDER: THE FRIENDLY BURGLAR-RAPIST strongly appeals to adult women who want to know how rape happens; the red flags to watch for in hopes of preventing themselves from being a victim; want to delve into the rapists psyche; ponder how a man can leave his wife and family, night after night burglarizing apartments for women to rape; understand how his victims reacted, their thoughts; how they escaped or survived and compare these factors against their own female intuition and experience. Men are fascinated for many of the same reasons. This true crime story, though sad and chilling provides lessons that can be learned safely from your arm-chair or your airplane seat. Again, I caution against reading this book in bed.


Featured Author March 8, 2014

Ian says:  Bless me, Father, for I have sinned . . . Convicted murderer Ian Montaņa, now rehabilitated, graduates from prison with advanced degrees in every facet of criminal enterprise. Two more murders behind him and back in Dallas, sporting an Irish accent and a new name: Dillon MacNun, he takes the vacant janitors job at Our Lady Of Guadalupe. His confession is only a prelude to murder, and more murder. Old ghosts pull Michael Grant into the multi-jurisdictional law enforcement race to put an end to a spree of multi-state priest murders. Among the hundreds of clues Michael has not yet figured out is that he is one of the priest-killers targets.


Featured Author March 6, 2014

This timely and thought-provoking study examines The Future of China. It will provoke the readers to think about how China became an economic success in just about three decades illustrated by modern skyscrapers, massive transportation systems and bullet trains while the vast majority of the 3.25 plus billion people remain very poor. Will the leaders make adjustments that will allow the country to recover from an economic slowdown? Readers will be brought up-to-date on Chinas intriguing events: terrorism regarding the Muslims in Xinjiang Autonomous Regionyes, China has a growing jihad problem; changing political strategies and events such as the air defense zone (ADIZ); human rights or lack of it; rising middle-class social unrest emanating from the worlds worst air and water pollution; discrepancies between the have and have nots, corruption at all levels, but concentrating on the red nobility; political scandals as well as extensive food problems; banking and careless lending practices; massive debt solutions, but when; an aging population is seriously affecting future labor forces; rapidly expanding military hardware including stealth aircraft and ships; the disputed islands phenomena and the question of Chinas possible direction toward a future war.


Featured Author March 3, 2014

I hate war. War kills. War maims. War orphans. And it leaves a deep scar not only on the land, that will take years to heal, but also in the hearts of those who are affected by the war. I am one of those who carry a deep emotional wound to this day, more than sixty years later. During World War II, under Japan, my father was imprisoned because he was a Christian minister who refused to bow down to the picture of the Japanese emperor. My elder brother volunteered to join the Japanese military in the hope of having his father released from the prison. He left home as a vibrant, fifteen-year-old boy and returned home as a worn-out, injured, eighteen-year-old man after the war; he died a year later. During the Korean War, two North Korean officers came to my house and took my father away because he was a Christian minister. He never returned. Shattered by the Wars is a story of love, sacrifice, faith, and suffering, all wrapped in one package. The heroine in the story is my mother, as seen by her youngest son. Mother prayed without ceasing. Through her unceasing prayers, she was able to walk through the dark tunnel of trials and tribulations and lead us onward with love and grace and absolute faith in God.


Featured Author March 2, 2014

Every military service member will experience three phases as he moves from a military career to a life outside the gate: transition, transformation, and integration. The foundation of "Boots" is built upon these three concepts. They provide the structure for the advice and guidelines I want to convey to you. You may experience each of these to different degrees depending on your wishes, circumstances, goals, and surrounding environment. These three stages will vary from individual to individual, and they will be shaped by ones attitude and inner strength as well as his ability to manage the hurdles of life.

From the first day you set foot into boot camp, no matter what service you have been in, until the final days of predeployment training exercises or redeployment, you are taught to always pay attention to every detail in every situation. Our military knows how to turn you on and get you fired up for a mission. Transitioning out of boots will require the same focus on details and the energy to get fired up for your next mission, getting a job.

More than a decade of war in God knows where in the world and many of Americas treasure, our young men and women, will come home and be lost when it comes to preparing for their next fightfinding a job! Many will leave the military voluntarily; more than 1.5 million will leave in the next 5-years. Boots gives them a helping hand, a guide, their new field manual that I never had when I retired from the US Army and entered corporate America. Let me help them find their new true north.