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If you are unable to download the PDF book via the link above, send me an email to and I will send you a copy.


The concept of YouTube for the Criminal Justice Educator is the provide instructors with dynamic access to supplemental material via video.  Nearly 400 videos are categorized and descriptions provided.  The links are live from this document.  The videos are classified into the nineteen categories.  There is some overlap between the categories.  The category titles are linked from the Table of Contents.  Thus, if you want to view films on Active Shooter, click on Active Shooter in the Table of Contents and you will be taken to that page.



The Web is a constantly changing place.  On YouTube, videos are added, deleted and the URL modified constantly.  You can help keep this document viable.  If you find a dead link, think a certain video should not be included, or have a video you would to be included, send an email to  Also, if you are interested in being notified when updates are available, send an email, also.  You can also check the website for updates.  Lastly, if you click on a link at it is a dead link, use the YouTube search function and search for the title of the video, a comma and then the work long:  history of federal courts, long  - In this search function, the word long after a comma limits your searches to videos over 20 minutes in length.



The project is supported by the advertising you will occasionally find through the document.  The ads are live linked.  If you are interested in advertising in YouTube for the Criminal Justice Educator send an email to

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